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dexgunz asked:

i want like your bajancanadain drawing with me irl wearing a satan hoodie base off my skin which my ign is "dexgunz" and just copy the face off of the deadlox drawing cause hair and face are similar and if you can have the back hell with fire and lava

alright got it  u wearing ur skins hoodie and copy the face of my deadlox drawing and a hellish background and u want in the same style as the bajan one  alright im gonna start this now

dexgunz asked:

yo smiley im dexgunz i am not sure if you remeber but im satan from the creature server you know satan army sly vs satan yea i wanna know if you can make a drawing for me

of course i can just tell me what you want drawn and we’ll go from there and ye i remember you anways tell me what you want and ill see what i can do



Idk what went through my head when i drew this but i like it

Beast!Jerome from the Team Corrupted AU and decapitated Mitch

-3 hours

The fan fictions that are going to come with this…. Lately everyone has been drawing pictures like this of Merome, or Skylox, and to tell you the truth I am a little afraid…………

Yeah I noticed it too. And I Created the Team Corrupted AU so i can draw more of them messed up like this of course this pic isn’t relevant to the AU its just a sily fanart of Beast!Jerome to tackle my art block



Sly, Aleks, Dan, my little sister, and I singing about real important things

hahahaha greatest song ever


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